Non-convertible Debentures are instruments that cannot be converted in to equity shares. Since non convertible debentures are non-convertible, they usually carry higher rates of interest. The debenture holder will have no present or future stake in the company due to the non-convertibility element. They will have a specified life term. At the end of the stipulated period the company redeems the debenture. Non-convertible debentures are backed by those assets which already not been pledged for some other loan(s)


COMPANY Name Issue Open Date Issue Close Date Min Application Size Aggregate Issue Size Credit Rating Termsheet Form Download
Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Ltd - NCD 22/05/2018 04/06/2018 Rs.10000/-(10 NCDs) Rs.12000 Crores CARE AAA, BWR AAA, Outlook Stable Download Download
JM Financial Credit Solutions Ltd - NCD 28/05/2018 20/06/2018 Rs.10000/-(10 NCDs) Rs.2000 Crores AA/ Stable by ICRA & India Ratings Download Download

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