Information technology is considered to be a very useful tool in financial services. Various financial organizations use digital technology on an everyday basis, from the exchange of financial tools to estimating the total earnings.

The financial services industry in today’s date focuses mostly on providing a faster, organized customer experience online. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, many of us prefer to do everything through mobile applications.

This convenient option of being able to pay bills through mobile was not available 20 years back. The role of information technology in financial services is crucial in many aspects. It also allows an organization to update at the same rate as its competitors.

The social media, led by information technology can provide valuable data on their consumers. By associating online communities with their products, the organizations can gather data and also uplift their brand credibility.

IT eases the process of transferring financial information by eliminating the need to use cheques. The internet detects a person’s bank account balance by credit or debit card purchase and swiftly rejects a transaction if there is no sufficient money. The staffs in a traditional bank usually don’t work during weekends. In contrast, the internet does not know the concept of holidays, so the consumer can initiate a transaction at the comfort of his own home at any time.

Internet banking has revolutionized the finance industry with mobile payment applications like paytm, phonepe and google pay. Several financial companies have stepped up their security game, to reduce the risks posed by the internet.

Conclusion :

The IT industry enables the banking and finance sector to work on an international level. Several financial organizations can’t update themselves with the latest global developments without the internet. It would be difficult for financial firms to gather data at the same time as their competitors.



Ashutosh Gupta

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