Intraday trading Software

Intraday trading strategy to help you survive on quick decisions for stocks with a high return potential

Intraday trading

For an intraday trader, it is important to act swiftly as he has to earn profits the same day. That’s why, most day traders prefer to do intraday trading today in the blue chip companies where the inherent risk of losing in the long term is minimum. Intraday trading today allows the investor to settle a deal within a short span of time. For example, if an intraday trader finds that the share of a particular company is available for Rs. 300, and he finds that a particular broker is willing to buy it for Rs. 303 to provide it with a maturing delivery, the investor then can settle both the deals simultaneously to make Rs. 03 on only one share. However, if he is not able to execute his order by the time he turns back to Rs. 300 offer, it would have changed to Rs. 305, at which price it would not be a viable deal for him.

So, the above example shows that someone doing intraday trading today has to be swift in his actions. At times, the trader has to act within seconds to execute an order, which is not humanly possible. It’s here that the algo trading software by the Experts Bazaar could help you survive on quick decisions and auto-execution of trades. Intraday trading today is a high risk strategy, but at the same time, it has a high return potential, provided that you have a robust intraday trading strategy to work upon.

Useful tips to achieve success with intraday trading strategy:

  • Choose the right stock with a good profit history, and has a high liquidity
  • Always set a stop loss level to reduce your losses
  • Have a proper intraday strategy in place
  • Book profit whenever the target is reached
  • Freeze the entry and exit stock prices
  • Have a proper risk management strategy in place

Taking your intraday trading to the next level

Our software for intraday trading for beginners provides different analysis tools to help you take your skills for intraday trading today to the next level. Our trading software signals will provide you with real-time stock updates, backtesting, and customized indicators as per your intraday trading strategy. To be a professional day trader, you will need to study the market charts and gain an understanding of the technical data, and practice more on your trading software signals. However, our intraday trading software fills this skills and time gap for the beginners, and plays a key role in their journey to be a professional day trader.

Traders can make multiple market watch lists, and add different stocks from different segments at the same time. You will get direct share market feeds on a real-time basis across NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. You can easily place orders from the charting window, one can also customize the alerts. The professional charting software also allows you to backtest your intraday trading strategy.

Do not focus only on money  

Experts Bazaar recommends you to carefully execute your intraday trading strategies, and do not act on intraday software signals with only money in focus. The right intraday trading strategy is most important to get profits by mitigating the risks. Diversify your investments, use technical charts provided by the intraday trading software, and focus only on a few stocks.  Also, do not ever think to challenge the market. To get maximum profit from your intraday trading strategy, Experts Bazaar would recommend you not to fall into the grab of greediness else you might have to suffer bigger losses. To operate Experts Bazaar’s intraday trading software, you will need to install it on your laptop or desktop.



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