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Helping you take advantage of the intraday trading opportunities to maximize profit potential


Before starting intraday trading today, you will need to know the prices of the stocks, futures, and/or currencies that you want to trade. However, not every algo trading software will be able meet the needs of different traders, as there cannot be one-size-fits all. One may follow a simple intraday trading strategy, such as tracking of moving averages, or they may employ a more complicated multi-conditional strategy.

Experts Bazaar’s algo trading software features the best technical analysis charts and tools to help the trades to achieve success with intraday trading today. Some of the key advantages of using Experts Bazaar’s algo trading software for intraday trading for beginners are prescribed below:

Faster execution speed: Time is money, and nowhere it’s truer than in intraday trading. Our intraday trading software allows you to enter and exit trades swiftly, as we know that the difference of a few seconds will have all the difference for your intraday trading today finishing in red or black.

User-friendly features: Our algo trading software does not rely on short-term price movements to turn a profit. To help you succeed with your intraday trading strategy, it monitors price fluctuations, uses data feeds, technical charts, and specific market access, to maximize your chances of intraday trading today.

Advanced analytics: The application uses trading software signals to analyze technical indicators and patterns. It provides you with all the technical data in an easy-to-understand way, in a user-friendly bundle, so that even someone new to the trade can confidently use to it to do intraday trading for beginners.

Accessibility: You will just need an internet connection and a desktop or laptop to start with your intraday trading for beginners. There are no installation, updates and maintenance costs. Our algo trading software employs complex algorithms to provide you with the best trading software signals.

Set out parameters for auto-trading

Experts Bazaar’s intraday trading software scans the markets for you for the potential opportunities, and swiftly brings your attention to the stock of interest. You can also set some parameters for auto-executing intraday trading today, such as moving averages, price volatility, super trends, etc. Other parameters that can be set to auto-execute orders for intraday trading today include configuring the algo trading software to cover your orders, i.e., when an order is completely or partially filled on one side of the market, the intraday trading software automatically submits a covering order on the opposite side of the market. Similarly, the trader can set the number of price units away from the selected Profile Base Price at which the bid is placed. When the market moves, the intraday trading software adjusts the orders by the offset.

Our pro tip for intraday trading today for you is to always set a stop-loss level. You should decide how much loss you are ready to bear if the trade goes against your position. This will act as a safety net and help minimize your losses.

Price factor

It is also important to look at the cost of the intraday trading software that you want to purchase. You may be prompted to go for the cheapest algo trading software, but you may be compromising on some of the essential features and elements for the success of your intraday trading strategy. Adding these features to your trading software signals later on may even cost you more than what you have invested for a software for intraday trading for beginners to start with. Also, check if the software is available as part of the standard brokerage account, or does it come with additional costs?



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