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Making life easier for the intraday traders by helping them trade without going into technical intricacies

Intraday trading

Stock market is for everyone, but it is very unpredictable at the same time. So, if you are a novice to the trade, and aren’t aware of the elements of a successful intraday trading strategy, trading software signals can help you when to purchase or invest in a stock, and when to sell it. The algo trading software sends proper buy and sell signal indicators so that the trader doesn’t miss out on any stock trading opportunity. For the trading software signals to be considered good, the risk to reward ratio should be 1:2. The best algo trading software should be able to minimize the losses in case of a wrong trade, and maximize profits.

Not all intraday trading software are of equal quality, and you need to choose carefully intraday trading for beginners. Accuracy of the trading software signals is important. So, to decide on the best software intraday trading for beginners, you can check the last 10 backdated calls for any particular scripts. You will get to know the accuracy of the intraday trading software. Experts Bazaar’s intraday trading software is rich in all the features that will help the traders doing intraday trading for beginners. It has user-friendly features for the traders who are new to the world of stock trading.

Some of the key features of Experts Bazaar algo trading software are listed below:

  • Automatic buy and sell signals for all scripts
  • Intraday trading strategy
  • Range and trend bound market filters
  • Auto text and sound alerts
  • Trailing stop loss
  • Accuracy above 95%
  • Auto scanner for all scripts
  • Smart indicators
  • Get signals from all markets
  • I minute reliable data feed
  • Free future updates

Helping you understand the market fluctuations

You will get to know the exact entry and exit points for intraday trading today for a particular stock, so you won’t have any dependency on the advisory service all the time. The intraday trading software will educate you about the most appropriate intraday trading strategy today, to help you become a better trader. The filter system of our intraday trading software means that you will be able to do intraday trading today with the signals of higher accuracy. Our trading signals software uses a higher number of indicators, which helps the traders in assessing fluctuations in the markets to maximize profits for the traders. At the same time, our algo trading software ensures noiseless intraday trading today by doing away with the false signals.

Historical data of the past signals is used to help the traders make wise decisions about their stock selling and buying decisions. Backtesting of intraday trading strategy against the historical data helps in effective risk management. The software provides the traders with real-time analysis and of the market with targets and stop loss.

Video tutorials to help you understand the software

At Experts Bazaar, we believe in making the lives of users easy, hence our algo trading software eliminates the need of studying and hard to understand technical charts and indicators, such as MACD, RSI, and averages. Our technical charts provide the best signals to buy and sell stocks, with high precision. Our intraday trading software is provided with a tutorial guide, including video tutorials, that will clear all your confusions nicely. Our software facilitates beginners to do intraday trading today with a small amount, but you will need a fair amount of investment if you want to make substantial profits. Our intraday trading software is updated regularly to keep the investors abreast of the new developments in the stock markets.



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