What is Experts Bazaar?

Experts Bazaar is a consortium of leading top fund managers across India. These fund managers have decades of experience in the investments and generating returns through various insturments including equity, stocks, derivates, currencies etc based on their area of specialization. We do constant analysis of their investment patterns and returns they generate and shortlist based on consistency, risk analysis , credibility and self worth of the fund manager. Before onboarding them for Managed account services we also check on their individual and family investment size, years of investment, risk management techniques, stop loss and net worth . After shortlisting we curate simplified products together and then suggest them to our clients and ensuring accountability and risk being covered and underwritten by the fund manager so that end user hard earned investment remain protected all the time. Our priority is to ensure capital protection first and then generating the return better than other instruments.

How it works?

We will shortlist the fund manager and financial products offering based on the investment size, requirement and financial goals of our client. Based on the risk appetite and the expected return, fund manager/fund manager's offering is selected. The offering agreement that covers the return against the particular product is shared to the profile. Any clarification post going through agreement is sorted out and then product is finalized. Once product is finalized client has to open his/her own Demat account and advisory services of the fund manager for specific product will then be used to generate the required returns as per the agreement.

How it is different from Portfolio management services?

In PMS you have to pay upfront advisory fee and fund management fees to the fund manager. The returns you get through PMS are market linked and if market goes down PMS is bound to loose also.In managed accounts hedging is being done to generate returns when market is going south. Also PMS is generic service with standard offering unlike Managed account where advisory and product is customized as per the financial goal of our clients . The agreement in Managed account services are very crisp,clear with no ambiguity and no open clause left to conditions apply unlike PMS.

What is the fee charged by fund manager?

There is no upfront and fixed fee charged by the fund manager.Client has to pay to the fund manager only after minimum returns as per the agreement is generated. Once the product cross the hurdle rate of returns that is when fund manager takes the profit sharing. In summary you pay only when you earn beyond the committed returns as per the agreement.

How do I track the performance of the fund manager?

You can login to your trading and demat account on real time basis and see all trades in your account at any point of time. All transactions are transparent.

Why dont fund manager taken loan from banks and market and generate the returns on his own if the returns are definitive?.

All fund manager shortlisted by Experts Bazaar.in have their own sizable investments in the same areas and they have generated decent and consistent returns in their own portfolios. This is also one of the main critieria for shortlisting the fund managers. When they have perfected on their strategies in their own account then it is extended to our clients. Bank loans cannot be taken on investments linked with equity, markets so it cannot be availed. Similar is the scenario of PMS, Mutual funds and other equity linked products where finance houses cannot take loan from banks to invest.

There are flight by night operators looking for gullible investors. How is Experts Bazaar different than that?

In Experts Bazaar, trades are performed in client's demat account that is protected by NSDL/CSDL. There is no possibility of any person to withdraw single stock from your demat account. Neither any cash can be transferred outside by selling any equity. In all scenarios it will be in your own account and how the returns are generated and what positions are being taken is also visible to the client all the time. There is zero risk of flight by night possible as ownership of stocks and cash is never transferred outside.

Can I take services of the fundmanager in my existing account?

The account is actively managed by fund manager and positions are taken by fund manager team for multiple clients. It is not possible for fund management team to have individual login with different operators to place the trade. Also as fund managers get their profit sharing after generating the committed returns so the brokerage charged by the broking houses is negotiated to minimize the cost linked with placing hte transaction.

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