What is Experts Bazaar?

Experts Bazaar is a educational platform with aim to power and educate traders/investors through our courses /strategies and trading tools.Our vision is to help 10 million investors/traders to be profitable by 2025 through our webinar and workshop.We also help our clients in financial planning and help them choose best third party financial products through our AI based logics .

How it works?

We conduct worshop and webinar on every trading days and educate retail and Hni investors about strategies which they can use to minimize their losses and maximimise their profit .We also teach various option strategies in our workshop to help traders hedge their position at all times .

How it is different from other workshops and webinar ?

In our webinar we not only teach you the strategies but also demonstrate the same by taking live examples in live market on every trading days. These helps traders and investors to have practical hand on experience of the strategies. We also provide them trading tools at some cost to help them develop the same strategies based on their risk apetite.

What is the fee charged for the workshop?

We do not charge any fees for traders to attend our webinar and worshop .All our educational webinars and workshop are free of cost..

How do I track the performance of the Strategies taught by you?

One can ask for backtest results of our trading tools built on amibroker and also attend our live webinar and worshop on any trading day.

Do you guarantee returns or manage Clients account on their behalf.

We do not guarantee any return for any of our products and services .However we teach investors/traders on how they can use various options hedge strategies using trading tools to make loss minimal with profit opened in direction of trades taken

There are flight by night operators looking for gullible investors. How is Experts Bazaar different than that?

In Experts Bazaar,managed services , trades are performed in client's demat account by proper trading confirmations before any trade is taken and also shares in demat are protected by NSDL/CSDL. There is no possibility of any person to withdraw single stock from your demat account. Neither any cash can be transferred outside by selling any equity. In all scenarios it will be in your own account and how the returns are generated and what positions are being taken is also visible to the client all the time. There is zero risk of flight by night possible as ownership of stocks and cash is never transferred outside.

Can I take services of the fundmanager in my existing account?

The account is actively managed by fund manager and positions are taken by fund manager team for multiple clients through proper trade confirmations before trade. It is not possible for fund management team to have individual login with different operators to place the trade. Also as fund managers get their profit by brokerage sharing through brokerage houses so it not possible to take services in your existing account.

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