Risk Control Mechanism of Managed Account Service

  • Managed account services will employ a strict Risk Control
  • Mechanism to control the risk within the given limits as per the mandate of the Client.
  • Risk Management will be handled by the Risk Management Committee of Experts Bazaar whereas the trading strategies & capital allocation structure will be handled by the our Internal IMC ,which will be reporting to RMC on regular basis so that any violation of the risk management guidelines is controlled at any point of time.
  • The risk will be managed at two levels by documented and well defined risk management mechanisms on real time basis.
  • Risk will be managed on the trade level basis, where each trade will be monitored on individual trade basis in real time under the defined risk parameters. These risk parameters will be monitored on a continuous basis and suitable measures will be taken to avoid any big risk on every trade on real time basis.
  • The risk will also be managed at the total portfolio level, where the risk will be managed within the predefined risk parameters of the fund to avoid the occurrence of higher risk. If during any month the drawdown breaches 5%, IMC will ask Investment manager to stop trading and same will be informed to the client.

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